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The whole world is going DIGITAL...

The whole world is going DIGITAL...
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The whole world is going DIGITAL...

Digital this...

Digital that...

Only dinosaurs like me still appreciate the "feel of a good book"

or would rather actually EXPERIENCE something rather than having a "Virtual Experience".


But that's me.

I am also a realist, and even though my feeble brain is only absorbing 1/10th

as much of this Digital Stuff as my adult  children, I get it.


Everybody WANTS to go Digital!

Well, I ran out of topics to tell you about (ok maybe not, but I'm old and get away with it)

so, here we go.


Where would you go to find the hottest, best selling, top of the charts Digital Information Products?


Ebay?  no

Amazon?  no

So what';s left?    C L I C K B A N K !!!!


With about 100,000 Digit Products, Clickbank is the greatest single source

of Digital Products.  And most are covered with a 60 day money back guarantee!

The marketplace determines whether or not these products stay on the charts, 

and some of these products have been top sellers, highest quality, most wanted

information products available.


So, why isn't everybody just flocking to ClickBank to buy their digital products?

For one reason, the information about most products is geared towards the

MARKETER, and not the consumer.  Most ad copy is not presentation quality,

and the headlines tell about market penetration and commissions rather than what

the product is REALLY ABOUT!


Enter the Digital Storefront!


I have just built a digital storefront in literally minutes that was geared to MY themes and content that I wanted to display. 

The nice thing about my  new storefront is that there are informative headlines and ad copy geared towards the CONSUMER, not the marketer.  This has all the features you would want as a shopper in any digital storefront.

So, go find those Digital products as a "different" holiday gift.  They'll love it!

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As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, 

if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources 

I can share with you. 


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